Traceability – know your food story

The sourced club journey to date has helped me meet some beautiful peeps who have shared with me their love and passion for creating produce for us to enjoy. I used to spend my spare time at farmers markets buying up the fresh produce and going home to create who knows what in the kitchen.  I’m now building a business around my love of food, I’m a foodie and I LOVE IT!  Always there is a downside and for me this is it.  This part the writing content is so not my cup of tea. Hopefully for your sake and mine (if anybody ever even reads these!) I’ll have someone else doing real content for us foodies who want to support a sustainable food system. For now you’re stuck with me and I need to add a post into the business category.

In 2016 I was in the database marketing industry I was working on a country and western store out at Beaudesert QLD when we had a dairy crisis in Australia hit the media. I loved how the public rallied around our farmers and left the unbranded $1 a litre milk on the shelves. My farming roots, my love of food and working in the database marketing arena had me wanting to take it one step further, give the farmers a voice direct to the consumer and give consumers the knowledge to make better purchasing decisions.

From that initial thought, my research enlightened me to the problems in agriculture. Dairy is not the only category that’s unsustainable. The whole food industry and yes globally has its problems. What I’m sharing with you today is an article that really cemented my commitment to this business. Its a few years old, 2015 but unfortunately very relevant probably more relevant today than when it was published. One thing that resonated with me was the possibility for our small family farms to be a thing in our past, taught in our future generation’s history class. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t want our entire food industry owned by a handful of big corporations.

To combat these predictions farmers are advised to play a bigger role in their supply chain. To collaborate, brand and market their produce.  Makes sense right we know that’s how business survive in this global competitive market we’ve created. On the realistic were not in Kansas anymore Toto side. What farmer has the resources to do that!

And that’s where sourced club fits in “If you build it they will come” field of dreams style

  • A food community with a platform to share, support and collaborate.
  • The same platform that gives the member a digital presence without the hassle of having to get into web developing time and finances,
  • Support to help members brand and market themselves
  • A traceability database that gets the consumer involved in the story of our food.

Sing Hallelujah!
Sing it
Sing Hallelujah!
Sing it, yeah!…

And that’s IT this is just the beginning,

So anyways here is that article I mentioned way back when I said I hated writing.




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