The sustainable food platform

Sourced Club - Paddock to plate user friendly and affordable technology at your fingertips...

A traceability platform for public use. Allowing businesses to promote their produce and network from paddock to plate. Empowering consumers with the knowledge of the entire food system they support when they shop and dine.


A community of businesses using transparency to bring integrity back into our food system and recognition through the supply chain to our farmers. 

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Public Traceabililty

Leverage your network to maximise brand reach and create loyal customers who want to be a part of your food story...

We all want to be a part of something

The most important factor in purchasing decisions is TRUST - People want to feel connected to the businesses they support and transparency shows a business with integrity which ultimateley leads to loyalty - Showcasing the business network involved in getting food to plate in its peak condition will market your brand and produce better than anything.

Consumers are asking the question - it's time you were found.
Bridgette O'connor

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The Sourced Club Mission

I advocate for knowledge and a food system of integrity. When people stand behind their 

produce and actions, our community is more accountable, fair and rewarding.

      Founder – Bridgette O’Connor

You can make a difference to our rural families...
Rural Support Network

While Sourced Club is primarily traceability for our food system. We have provided an additional service for our farmer / primary producer profiles in the Rural Support Network.

Supporting resilient rural communities, families on Sourced Club can promote either products or services from other industries. Creating an opportunity to bring in additional income and allowing for family members to branch out in their prospective field while living on the land.

This network is showcased on the farmers profile and allows consumers to search via industry tags and purchase direct from a rural family.

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