Facts and Questions

Who can join Sourced Club

Sourced Club is designed to enable anyone who is involved in the Food Industry process to tell their story and promote their involvement. On this basis anyone in the food industry can connect with their community on sourced club.

If you are the farmer who rears the cattle then you have a story to tell. Equally if you sell feed,  pesticide, medicinal services or fertilizers to the farmer then you also have a story to tell and the consumer is keen to know it. Simply put, if you’re involved in getting produce from paddock to plate then join up, tell your story and stake your claim.

Members : but not limited too

Primary Producer

  • Farmers


  • Processors


  • Wholesaler
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Agents
  • Auction Yard
  • Imports
  • Exports


  • School Canteen
  • Child care centres
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Events


  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Home delivered produce
  • Fast Food
  • Caterers
  • Food trucks
  • Juice Bars
  • Cocktail Bars


  • Magazines
  • Cooking Shows
  • Bloggers
  • Cook Books

How do I get started?

Once you have chosen your payment option and gone through the process you can access the account dashboard. We assist you through the dasboard input details with a step by step action plan  and we have prepared video tutorials for you, your family or workers to easily fulfill these tasks


How do I Join my community?

This is the easy part. Simply fill in the form provided to record who you buy from (and what it is) and sell to with some basic information to identify them  and once you press enter you will have created a food community chain. Once you have entered who your suppliers, purchasers and sellers are we will contact them for you, let them know they have been recognized for their involvement as part of your food community and invite them to join and participate. We also send out an email to you so you can forward on your own behalf letting them know of the community.

What if a business I nominate doesn’t join?

If either a supplier or purchaser chooses not to join the Sourced Club community that is completely fine it still shows on your profile. They will also have the opportunity to reconsider and join at a later date if they choose. The initial information you supply will allow the klm to plate to display correctly.

Where are your Terms and Conditions?

Our terms and conditions – click here

What does it cost?

The annual UPFRONT membership fee for Sourced Club is $120.00

Primary producer – Farmers UPFRONT membership fee is $79.95. 

Monthly Options available


How do I apply for relief as I live in a declared disaster area?

Fill out this form and well be in touch

How are the sourced club assist funds distributed.

The funds allocated for sourced assist are dispersed to the local area where  the memberships are purchased. If we have 20000 members from South Island of New Zealand that is where the funds will be granted.

We will also be utilizing community based membership groups to ascertain the best avenues to dispense these funds


How can we apply for Sourced assist funds?

Fill in this affiliate member form and well be in touch

What are the sourced assist affiliate members funds terms and conditions?

Sourced assist affiliates cannot utilize the funds for their own personal use. Funds must be allocated to project approved by sourced club.


About Sourced assist sponsor’s

Sourced assist sponsors is for organizations or corporations that have an interest in promoting a food community in their area or sector. They can chose to fully or partly sponsor participants and that support will be deducted from that participants membership subscription.

How do I become a Sourced sponsor?

If you are an Area Sponsor, You will also have your own page on our website where you can showcase your work you do for your community. You will be given first option on both free and paid for events we cover or create. Contact us here to enquire about being part of our Sourced sponsor.


What communities can I sponsor?

Communities can vary, a local council may want to sponsor all members in their electorate or separate it to a post code and restaurants and a post code and farmers. Some organizations may want to sponsor entire states/ providence or a nation industry such as dairy. Wed especially support an organisation to sponsor the farms in the declared disaster zones with their membership being highly discounted to $25 a farm instead of the $49.95 annual fee.

How safe is your website and payment system?

We use Stripe payment system

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

What if I decide to leave the sourced club community?

You can leave our community by simply not renewing your membership when it is next due. Your Listing will continue for the year since date joined. Then it will simply revert to a free, basic listing, unless you tell us that your business has closed.

I have closed my business or I have sold my business or would like to transfer my account to another owner.

Fill in this form

What is a free membership and how do I get one?

A free membership will display only basic details, Name of business the product and the location. You can have a free membership created by joining yourself or by a member supplying us your information as part of their network.

Can I use the sourced club logo on my menus and promotional handouts?

All financial members are encouraged to use the sourced club symbol wherever possible, showing your customers your wiliness for full disclosure on what they are eating. Logos are downloadable on our resource page. Unfinancial / basic free members are not to use the Sourced club logo.


Events can join the sourced club platform like any other business. As well as being added to our events calendar on the website, creating a digital presence with the advantages of networking your community. Contact us here


At sourced club we have an internal review system set up for members who are disputing the produce promoted on a members account. Please contact us here if you believe a member has misrepresented their produce purchasing or suppliers listing. Please see our dispute policy here.


A full refund is available within the terms of your purchase.

Privacy Policy CLICK HERE