My work and the Sourced Club mission is to create a sustainable food system, our contribution traceability. Empowering consumers to purchase with purpose, supporting good food communities.

Bridgette O'Connor

Bridgette O'Connor

Bridgette has an eye for opportunity, creating points of difference for promoting business.

With a Diploma in Hospitality Management, a Cert 4 in Accounting and a marketing degree, coupled with her 20 years on-the-ground industry experience, means Bridgette is set to assist Sourced Club members market and grow their business.

Bridgette now lives on Australia’s Gold Coast with her 3 Children and spends her spare time playing in the kitchen either trying to re create meals or creating new recipes for friends and family. She loves history and dreams to travel the world promoting the Sourced Club community. Bridgette’s passions together with her experience bring a dynamic complement for our support club members..


Our story

The Sourced Club Platform was born in the wake of the Australian dairy crisis. The founder Bridgette O’Connor had a family background in farming and an early career in catering and hospitality, Bridgette has an understanding of the needs of farmers and business in the food industry. Bridgette says she was inspired by the decision of the Australian public to support dairy farmers by choosing to leave supermarket – branded milk on the shelves. She decided to use her experience of database marketing to provide a way for everyone to know the origins of the food we eat and the effort and processes undertaken by everyone involved in the food chain to provide the product we put on the table. “With greater understanding we will provide a more sustainable industry with recognition to all involved”


Peter O'Connor

Considering the enormous task she was undertaking, Bridgette enlisted the assistance of her father Peter O’Connor to bring his skills into the project 

Assistant manager – Tech Support

Peter, who is also from Wagga Wagga in the Riverina, has spent the last 35 years on the NSW South Coast.

Trained in marketing whilst  employed within the financial industry in the early 80’s, Peter put the early training into practice leading a Licensed Club in the Illawarra region for 17 years during a period of substantial change within the Industry. For the past 10 years he has taken over ownership of a restaurant in Kiama NSW.

Owning a small business has always been a significant challenge for anyone and has been made even more time consuming with the increased requirement to address social media and its frequent changes due to improved technology. “It is getting to a stage where a small business owner needs to not only address the amount of time you spend on or within the business but the time allocation for marketing encompassing social media is becoming a separate task of driving the business”

Peter looks forward to assisting small business operators within the food Industry to take on the challenge of driving their business.

To get myself out of the melting pot, I indulge myself in following the AFL season in winter and enjoying the local surf in Summer. I have been lucky enough to have coached some junior footballers in AFL , including my grandson, however, with 5 girls out of 7 grandchildren, I will need my Essendon Bombers to field a women’s AFL team to have a chance of seeing one of them in the famous Red & Black.