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Step One – NETWORK  *Enter your Business Partners. 

The Business’ that you deal with in the purchase, inputs or sales outputs process. All business that are invloved in your network can be added here including services like agents, saleyards and processors you can also include organisations and charity donations like bales of hay. We encourage you to enter all business known in your network even if they are not direct to you.  

Details required are Name, Suburb, Location, email or web address or sufficient data to identify them for the program.

Step Two – PRODUCTS  *Add Products and Inputs

These are the names you refer to as your products, if a supplier has a unique name for his product you can identify it in the purchase listing. 

Step Three – SALES  *Add Sales and Outputs

 The process is exactly the same for your Sales Items. Enter your Sales item in  “My Sales”. In most cases this is a simple one line entry to get them listed in the Sales Table. This process is ideal when your Sales Product is substantially made up from a product you have purchased eg “Product Purchased” is Beef Cattle and “Sales Item” is Eye Fillet Steak. Using this process your Sales Item can be directly traced back to the Primary Producer of the Beef Cattle (if the data is available).

Alternatively if your Sales Item is a unique item or is made up of a number of purchased or created products you may prefer to create a new Product thereby generating your own unique product identification. In this process you are creating the start of a trace network. Should anyone wish to trace back to the origins of the products utilised in your unique